​Dr. P. Girtmon

Finally a true professional musician…

As a music educator and aspiring Gospel musician, I've seen all types of "fly-by-night" promotions. It is great to finally see a musician that can play music, but who also possesses the necessary theory background to actually identify the chords in which he's playing. So many musicians just want you to "mock" and copy what they do. They have no idea what notes they're playing, much less the chords they're trying to teach. These videos lessons certainly educate you on the important points of Gospel playing, but more importantly, they'll educate you on chord structure, music theory, harmonization, and key relationships to name a few things. Many aspects other musicians are clueless of. If you want to be educated "the correct way" and actually learn chords names and their functions, and not merely "mock" the fingerings of people who have no clue about the basic aspects of music making.




Our students are musician's, producers, singers and song writers. Many are serving in ministries and churches around the world and are on a quest to take their keyboard  skills to another level .Maybe your'e just starting on this journey of perhaps you've been struggling playing piano by ear.

Many have been told that they had to be "Gifted"  to play piano by ear, previously trying every instructional product and online resource available, just to find themselves even more confused and disappointed  The good news is that through the online video lesson tutorials and training available at GiftedPlayer, students are now realizing their dreams and mastering piano by ear.

T. Sweet

As everyone knows there are lots of music educational instructional lessons posted on youtube and most of them are very informative musically. I have to say Greg Hannon's Contemporary keyboard harmony 1 DVD course is "One of the Best". If you're just beginning your music education journey or even if you've been studying for a while, there's always something to learn and this video is an excellent one to own and get you on your way musically. I'm very happy that i purchased it and I'm lookin forward to purchasing more music videos from Mr. Hannon. Excellent instructions by an excellent instructor. i've been at this for 35 years.

Eric Sessions

Greg, The top of the morning to you my friend. Hope you're having a quality day in the key of Gb modulating to G then to Ab resolving to the VI of Ab....Fmaj9/7...Greg, I love the theoretical concepts that one implements in lessons and applied to real song thatz poppin on the air waves...I called that real life application. 

I called that real life application. Certainly, with all the weekly lessons something is always learned and can be applied to take play-ability to the next dimension. Thanks for all that you do. I personally appreciate one and thank God for one's ability to explicate and demonstrate from a theoretical perspective. God has given you a great gift to analyze gospel music proficiently with precision and professionalism. Certainly, your material will help minstrels develop a sound that will equate with today's band of musicians on cd/dvdz.

Noah Thomas

I just want to say Thank you Mr. Hannon, For the time spent putting together products that can if applied transform a player into sounding as you say "like the pro's." I was browsing the site and found your website. I immediately enrolled. Heads in the church began turning a bit. My God, when the CCF was introduced, I purchased it and applied your teachings. I have developed a style that have the same people who use to frown now Putting their hands together and praising God. Man, I'm talking about from the start to the finish of all the songs. The Choir is So excited! They beat me to the church just to see what new song I will be playing. It is so awesome! The old Hymn, "I'm On The Battlefield" Played with the 2-5-1 of the 4th and or the 6th gave that old church hymn the bounce and color. Now the youth don't even mind singing the hymns of the church. Thanks again.

Michael Young

I have been one of your students for about a year now. I have purchased everything you have to offer and I'm very pleased with your techniques and methods. I'm a converted drummer so I'm able to hear the bass note fairly easy. I've been playing for a little over a year and I owe God and you all the credit for where I am now in my playing. I just wanted to let you now that your weekly lessons as well as your products are very appreciated, and I hope you keep them coming. By the way, your lessons on using the CCF are off the chain! Please keep them coming. Thanks!