Our acclaimed Contemporary Keyboard Harmony 1 Course is now available on DVD.  You can now enjoy the same video tutorial used in our online classroom. This package includes the lesson tutorial DVD, the play along audio CD tracks, course instruction and lesson worksheets......

Contemporary Keyboard Harmony 1

The Elements of Gospel is packed with hundreds of illustrations, diagrams and tables simple and easy to understand. I've broken down the most important components used in today's gospel by every top musician in the gospel industry. Over 40 lessons ranging from Preaching chords, Worship Chords, Jazz chords to melodic improvisation

Elements Of Gospel

The Contemporary Chord Finder 8-Page Resource Guide is packed with hundreds of chords progression, a chord index with transcriptions in all 12 keys major and minor keys, Suspended chords, Dominant chord family and quartal voicings. 2-5-1 Progression in all 12 major and minor keys, Dominant 11th chords.....

Contemporary Chord Finder

Master the sound of contemporary worship. Play all those rich modern chords and runs that musicians refuse to show you. Learn which notes you can add to ordinary major chords to get the full sound of modern worship. Fill up those empty spaces in your playing......

Worship Chords Intro Endings & More

Learn the many popular chords and progressions that are favored by professional musicians all over the world. Using the chord number system, Greg Hannon will break down each song into the many different chord progressions that are used throughout contemporary music.....

Exploring Progressions - He Is Lord

Ulitimate Gospel Learning System

The Ultimate Gospel Learning System-- gives you a first-hand look at the most used chord progressions,
runs, fills and licks used by professional church musicians. Learn all the tricks of the trade that seasond
gospel musicians use every day. Take your music ministry to another level.

Here's Whats Included 

The Contemporary Chord Finder
The Elements of Gospel
Worship Chords, Intros, Endings and More
Contemporary Keyboard Harmony I Course 
Exploring Progressions

And More........

A complete chart With ALL 12 keys, Everything from C up to B and everyone in between. Templates for the 12 major scales 'Spelled out in detail', The numeric table that you can simply use to identify the scale tone and it' number, Fully Laminated in a table grid format to quickly find your transposed note.....

Chart - Transposition , Chord Name & Symbols

Worship chord voicings, 2-5 dominant progression, used in most traditional gospel songs, 5-1 walk-ups that you hear me talk about all the time but learn how to create rich textures by using open chord voicings.....

A Gospel Christmas - Volume 1

Learn how to construct and formulate chords using the major scale, Learn the most popular abbreviated chord symbols used many artist If you're a reader, all chords types are written out in standard notation on the treble staff, detailed formulas for popular chords!

Chart - Key Circle & How to Voice 7th chords

A Gospel Christmas Volume 2

Contemporary choir or solo piano A complete arrangement featuring all verses and choruses. This song will work well as a choir arrangement and as a stand alone solo piano performances. Chord progression include a wonderful demonstration of the 2-5 walk-up, gospel tags, and the classic gospel.....