Members (PBE) is the only online contemporary music education website that offer education and training in Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Jazz, R&B, Neo Soul and Pop music styles. We specialize in teaching musicians, producers and songwriter how to play piano by ear.

We understand what it feels like to have a burning desire to play music when musicians won't even take the time to show you just one chord. It's like "THE BIG SECRET!". I want to eliminate all the barriers that's been associated with playing by ear.

If you're struggling to play by ear, We want to help you learn how to master sound of Contemporary Gospel and Praise & Worship, R&B Jazz and Pop.  Perhaps you're one of many musicians who have taken piano lessons for years desiring to play by ear, only to find out that your instructor taught you to read sheet music but failed to teach you how to play by ear. Primarily because they didn't know how.

Are you one of many musicians, playing all your life and your music is plain, simple and outdated and you find it difficult to play by ear. The demand in your ministry or band is becoming overwhelming and you're unable to keep up with the latest songs.

Perhaps you're a fluent note reader who has taken music lessons all your life and either can't Play By Ear, transcribe music from a CD, or read simple chord and lead sheets.

Maybe you've purchased expensive Gospel, Pop, R&B and Jazz instructional material such as DVD's, books, and CD's promising to teach you how to play, but quickly discovered that these resources didn't help you at all, leaving you even more frustrated and confused.

The problem with most of these products is that the video host is a talented musician but lacks formal training and knowledge in music theory. Without understanding the principles of music theory, it's impossible to explain and communicate what they are playing without confusing the student. In other words, they play well but lack the ability to teach well. Needless to say, they show you lots of fancy chords, runs and fills but leave you hanging without a clue of how to apply this information to your style of playing.

In other words, there is no "Method" behind their teaching. Without a method or system of teaching, Your ability to play Gospel and Contemporary  music will be paralyzed.

At you get highly trained instructors with years of professional experience combined with a degree in Music. "There is a difference." Let give you the skills and understanding to take your playing to the next level and watch your music soar.